A lady with her best friend, contemplating at-home pet euthanasia with Time2SayGoodbye.


Pricing varies depending on the weight of your pet, time of day and travelling time. We ask that payment is made prior to the appointment and this acts as confirmation of the booking. This allows you to concentrate on the comfort of your pet, as he or she passes, without worrying about the finances. We accept online banking and telephone credit or debit card payments.

Afterwards I can then quietly leave you to grieve and mourn in private. If the appointment needs to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, I will offer a full refund up to one hour before the appointment.

A reduced visit fee will be charged, if it is agreed that after an examination, euthanasia is not appropriate at that time.

The charges include my travel time, but visits a greater distance than 20 minutes travelling or not during usual working hours (9.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday) will involve extra fees. This can be discussed prior to the appointment.

Pricing starts from £250
Dependant on the animal, breed and weight, and travelling time

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