Master with her old pet dog, considering at-home pet euthanasia with Time2SayGoodbye.

Pet Euthanasia At Home

A dedicated in-home veterinary surgeon euthanasia service for dog euthanasia, cat euthanasia and other pets.

Our pets are our family members and when they begin to suffer due to age or illness it is our responsibility as caring and loving pet owners to help end their pain and suffering.

Euthanasia (literally meaning a good or peaceful death) is the final kind act we are able to provide our faithful friends and where better to euthanise your beloved pet than in the familiar surroundings of your own home, surrounded by the family that love them.

A lady with her pet dog, contemplating at-home pet euthanasia with Time2SayGoodbye.

When To Say Goodbye

A Beagle and cat together before at-home pet euthanasia by Time2SayGoodbye.

Euthanasia At Home

A girl remembering her pet after at-home pet euthanasia with Time2SayGoodbye.


A woman hugging her tabby cat, before an-home euthanasia with Time2SayGoodbye.

Memorial Wall


We will always try to accommodate an appointment at a time that works for you and your family. At the appointment our veterinary surgeon will want to greet your pet in his or her own home and enjoy hearing stories you may wish to share about your pet.

We will have time to discuss any questions you may have and what’s involved in the euthanasia plus what to expect. We will also be able to discuss the options for aftercare. Our policy is to settle any paperwork and financial transactions prior to our visit. This will allow you to focus on the comfort of your pet during the euthanasia and to allow you to grieve privately and peacefully once your pet has passed away.

Man on a mountain peak with his old dog, considering pet euthanasia withTime2SayGoodbye.


Pricing varies, depending on the size of your pet and the distance our surgeons need to travel. Prices start from;


Covid 19 Information

Home visits are still available, and we can euthanise your pet in your own home with immediate family members present. We will wear PPE and ask you to wear masks throughout the appointment. It is very important to make us aware at the time of booking if you or any one in your household has the virus or is self-isolating. It may be necessary to carry out the euthanasia in your garden or other open-air space.

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