A girl remembering her pet after at-home pet euthanasia with Time2SayGoodbye.


This is the time to celebrate your pet’s life and to mourn his or her passing. This is such a huge day in your life and I want you to be able to grieve comfortably and privately in your own home.

It is important to plan in advance of the appointment what arrangements you would like to make for the aftercare of your pet.
Considerations are a home burial or use of a cremation service. Home burials must be at least 3 feet below the surface to avoid your pet being dug up by wild animals.

What should you tell your children? Honesty is the best option and make sure they know that "put to sleep" is very different to normal sleep. Children will grieve the loss of a pet as much as we do, so be honest about your own grief and work through the sorrow of your loss as a family.

Will your other pets grieve? We know that pets form strong bonds to one another and as such the remaining pets may seem to grieve for their companion. All pets notice every change that occurs in the household and are bound to notice the loss of their companion. It is much better to introduce any new pets after a period of readjustment to their loss.

Much more information about pet loss and grief support can be found at TheRalphSite.com

Autumn leaves falling at Cherry Tree Pet Crematorium. At-home pet euthanasia by Time2SayGoodbye.
Cherry Tree Pet Crematorium.

Pet Crematorium

Our cremation services are carried out by Cherry Tree Pet Crematorium at High Halden, near Ashford in Kent. Cherry Tree is a highly respected crematorium based in the heart of the beautiful Kent countryside in a very peaceful setting.

I can organise an individual cremation where your pet’s ashes are returned in a wooden casket or scatter pouch or tube. Wooden caskets are sealed and have an engraved brass name plate. Scatter tubes are for scattering the ashes in a favourite place, especially where you have many fond memories of your pet. If you do not wish to have your pet's ashes returned , I can arrange the cremation and the ashes to be scattered in a peaceful paddock at the crematorium. Cherry Tree offer various memorialisation keep sakes and they can discuss what’s available at the time of making the arrangements. Alternatively you can make your own arrangements for after care.

After the appointment I can take your pet to Cherry Tree, but if you prefer, this can be done by you. I encourage you to visit the crematorium to collect the ashes, which can often be returned to you the same day as cremation. All cremation fees are in addition to my euthanasia fees and I can discuss what these will be prior to the appointment.

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